Take Control of Your Errors

Backtrace is the turn-key error management platform - with premium Go support - that helps teams quickly figure out the when, where, and why behind application errors. Reduce your time to detection and resolution, streamline your support and development process, and take control of your errors.

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  • Capture

    Captured the complete state of your Go app at the time of error. Inspect goroutines, variables, channels, and more. Gain deep insight into your errors without reproducing them.

  • Aggregate

    Deduplicate and archive all of your errors in a purpose-built database for at-large investigation. Quickly explore key data points like version, OS, and memory usage across all your errors.

  • Classify

    Investigate and explore errors more efficiently with our web-based UIs. Get a headstart on root-cause investigation through our assistive debugging technology.

  • Integrate

    Improve your support and development workflow by integrating error data into systems like Slack, Github, and JIRA. Automate every stage of error management with a single platform.

Improve how you monitor and manage errors across languages and platforms. Read more about our premium Go support.

  • Go
  • C++
  • Python
  • Node JS

Backtrace integrates into your workflow.

  • Github
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Pagerduty
Trusted by
  • Backtrace was able to reduce a highly inconsistent hours-to-days process to minutes.
    Theo Schlossnagle
    CEO at Circonus
  • Backtrace frees us from worrying about reliably getting detailed failure data, allowing us to focus purely on making our software and core business better.
    Alec Peterson
    Former CTO at Message Systems
  • Where every other debugging tool has failed for our large workloads at Fastly, Backtrace succeeds, quickly providing data that gives us a huge head start.
    Devon H. O'Dell
    Software Engineer at Fastly
  • With Backtrace's fast and accurate crash analysis, we can quickly identify, analyze, and address critical issues prior to a global release, ensuring our customers continue to have a high-quality experience.
    Kevin Bowling
    Lead Engineer at Limelight Networks